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This is the first song for your mixtape, and it's short just like your temper.
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12 Icons [Friday
October 19th, 2007 at 5:41pm]
[12] Gossip Girl Icons made by moi =)

Find them all at @ xo_gossipgirl
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xp_GossipGirl [Sunday
September 23rd, 2007 at 10:36pm]
xo_gossipgirl xo_gossipgirl
xo_gossipgirl xo_gossipgirl
xo_gossipgirl xo_gossipgirl
xo_gossipgirl xo_gossipgirl

join for your ultimate Gossip Girl fix =]
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MMVA's [The Line up & The Show] [Wednesday
June 20th, 2007 at 4:03pm]
I am officially never missing the MMVA's, I don't care if I'm fucking 60 years old and I have no clue who any of the bands are, I am never missing them ever. Last years was awesome beyond belief with yellow card, hedley, metric and all the celebs we met randomly. But this years blew everything away. like WOAH.

The Line.
So first, a week before the MMVA's you have to line up for wristbands, so Jenna, Beth, Alex, some randoms who I don't know but I presume Alex knew, and I lined up at like 9 at night to get tickets at 8 the next morning. And one thing I learned, SLEEPING DOWN TOWN IS THE SHIZ! You meet the most random/funny/scary people down there. Lining up for the mmva's was love. So first jenna, beth and I cabbed it down to Queen street to get in line. Then we met up with alex and her friends. Then we set up our blankets and tent and whatnot. So for about three hours we sat there and talked to the randoms who came out of the clubs. Then we befriended two drunk men [that story shall not be discussed further] Then this completely drunk guy [Cory] puked on our tent, then flashed us, but he was hot, so we didn't care. So Jenna and alex and everyone else fell asleep, so beth and I walked around at like 4:30AM it was awesome, we went to tim hortons [fatginas lmao] then we made friends with the coolest homeless man ever. So then around 6 everyone started waking up. Then around 7:30 the line started like actually forming so everyone was pumped. Then around 9 we finally got our wristbands, and what are the odds that AOF and the used play on the same stage [I'm tres lucky]. So then we got some crepe cafe and went home, where i didn't sleep, instead i went to the beach for some fun lol.

The Show.
The night before alex&I slept at jennas. Then the next morning the craziness began. Within like two seconds of being downtown we see AOF, so my heart like stops, and we got to talk to them again [I swear now we seem like stalkers] And George and Dallas touched the same pen that I had to write my exams with [yes I know thats creepy lol.] Then we got to see them rehearse it was good times, then we walked around, saw billy talent rehearse, and just waited in line. Then when it got closer to the show, they let us in and it was all craziness and whatnot, and for a while I was separated from Jenna&Alex [very upsetting] but then the nice people let me move over so it was all good. Then the show started and AOF preformed first and AMAZING as usually, AMAZING lol thats all I have to say. I was front center [I'm on tv] and George was like screaming in my face, it was intense lmao. Then the used preformed and they kind of sucked, but whatever, then maroon 5 was fun so it was all good.
So the show is coming to a close, but they haven't cleared out our stage yet, and every ones like "whats going on" then when the show is completely done, AOF comes back on stage and plays for like another hour! I DIED! I was in complete heaven. I was in the perfect spot and George kept screaming over me, it was crazy. they played almost all of my favourite songs, and it was just CRAZY lol best day of my life! thats all I have to say lol. AMAZING. I love that band.
So after the amazing night, I had to go home and study for exams =] but thats ok, because next year I am going to line up for tickets at like 3PM,

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March Break [Sunday
March 18th, 2007 at 2:21pm]
It finally came, and went. But i liked this march break it was very fun. Monday: Went to movies, Zodiac sucked. whateves. Tuesday: hung out with Kristin and Jenna, went shopping, got concert tickets.

Then on Wednesday it was Boys Like Girls lol good show. First. me and jenna got some dinner and when we were in dominos Cartel walked by! it was so awesome lol. Then we went to get inline where we played the alphabet game for like two hours (I hate waiting in line. The New Atlantic went on first and they were pretty good. Then Boys Like Girls went on and they were amazing, we were so close and I got such good pictures. After Boys Like Girls we went to go get Merch and the band was standing there, so we got their autographs but we kind of lost some of them :(. Oh well, I did manage to find the lead singers.

Le AutographCollapse )

Then Cobra Starship went on and they were so amazing, I am officially a fan lol I can't wait to see them in May with Fall Out Boy & The Academy Is.... And Cartel was very good too. After the show we went to the Merch booth and the guy gave us a bunch of free stickers so it was a bonus.

Then Thursday I hung out with Megan&Jenna. Lol we went to Pizza Pizza for dinner, and didn't realize the time, so by the time we got to Don Mills Ikea had already closed, so we decided to walk around fairview. Then when we left we really wanted Tim Hortons so we walked to Logan to get some lmao.

Then Friday hung out with Kristin&Linsey went to STC then went to Jennas for TV and chillage haha fun times ♥

Saturday St. Patricks Day Hangage on Danforth, stayed up till 3:30 am. Fun times.

Today, last day of MB =[. Homework and school tomorrow.
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[6] Days till March Break [Saturday
March 3rd, 2007 at 9:20am]
Brittany is seeing


[March 14 2007]



Brittany is seeing


[May 26 2007]


March Break in one week.
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10 days till March Break [Not Including Weekends] [Sunday
February 25th, 2007 at 6:02pm]
Bleh, I've never wanted a vacation more then I do now. This has to be the worst semester ever. It seems like it's been at least two months since the beginning but its only been three weeks! I'm starting to really like gym, and I've always liked English. Math is ok but French is so boring we can sit there for an entire period and literally learn nothing.

The weeks last longer then usual and the weekends fly by. I Need March Break. Haha well anyways this weekend was pretty fun. On Friday I stayed up until 5am doing absolutely nothing. Then on Saturday I slept over at Jenna's with Megan. Lol, Max Trax, GSN, The Last Kiss, Lists, Black Cadillac. It was tres fun. But now it's Sunday and I have loads of homework to do.

I ♥
&Jenna's Improv - March 6
&Boys Like Girls w/ Cartel - March 14
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&Without You Is How I Disappear [Friday
February 23rd, 2007 at 11:08pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Brittany is seeing


[May 11 2007]


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RIP the OC [Wednesday
February 21st, 2007 at 7:15pm]
Ok so I know the OC isn't officially over until tomorrow. But it's so upsetting I've watched it for so long, its going to be weird not watching it ever Thursday night. Personally, I think this season has been the best season (well the first was the best).

Anyways, so semester two...sucks:


But the weekends have been fun, movies, chilliage, improv lol. Well thats all for now other then the Boys Like Girls concert is in a few weeks. :D
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Boredness&Exams [Saturday
January 20th, 2007 at 11:05pm]
So exams are almost here which has me flipping. This semester I only have three exams, but History, Science and Religion are a lot to study for. However, there is something I completely don't get. When teachers know we have exams to study for, why the hell do they give ISU's and tests. I really don't get it, its so much extra work. This entire weekend I have spent trying to study and finish ISU's [which has been very unsuccessful]

I think all the stress is getting to moi. This week I got into two fights [they're over lmao] The fight with Megan was very childish and stupid so I'm glad its all over. And the fight with Yolin didn't last very long. So today we [Jenna&Yolin&Megan&Me]tried to a study day, which consisted of McDonalds, Whispering at the library [I ended up taking out Lovely Bones and Hold On] and Starbucks. lol Fun times.
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I've Found The Cure To Growing Older [Saturday
January 13th, 2007 at 8:36pm]
I just realized that I haven't updated on the FOB concert [Friday, January 12, 2007] witch was awesome. So I'm going to recap. I had to go to school during the day [longest day ever]. After school me&christina had to run to my house, change and then run to the concert. Thankfully Frankie saved us a spot in line so we ended up being like the fourth people inline [I know I hate people who bud too]. Anyways so they let us in and we were front row, and I bought a very nice t-shirt. Then Permanent Me went on, and they were so good. So we went back to buy the CD and got to meet them. Then The Early November came on and they were ok. Then New Found Glory, they were amazing. Then Fall Out Boy who was SO good live. After the show we went to get something to eat, and then I like passed out and went to sleep.
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